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Ningbo Yinzhou joyful International Trading Co., Ltd - Acting joining policy rules

The first agents joined (not suitable for shops and Dangkou distributors, resellers want to open stores)
Acting on the premise conditions for joining:

A. Entrepreneurial spirit, strong and dedication to success, a good sense of brand management, good at cooperation.
B. Dress for the apparel industry have a certain awareness and interest, understand and agree with my company's operational management.
C. An independent ability to bear civil liability of natural persons or corporate entities.
D. Has a good social and business reputation, a certain business ability and experience.
E. Must be the direct marketing shop operators or managers, have some venture capital (pre-rental shops, decoration and the latter part of the first batch of goods, personnel management and operating costs).
F. Can be found to have self-confidence and business area of 20 square meters or more, or more than 15 square meters shopping malls corner of the premises capacity.

Please refer to the company approach the following:
1>. Shops single agent:
After the opening of your store, in our company directly Nahuo, only the first batch of 6,000 yuan to purchase! Agents do not need to join any cost! I can become the designated agent! The Internet can directly pick of the new album, the next on the list of orders filled, we Stock courier to take direct delivery of your shop! Facilitate cooperation! Non-interference in store decoration and other things!
2>. Agents joined:
If I become officially joined the company, must be carried out single-agent cooperation shop after some time, you see how the sales, the amount of stock! Meet our standards, may become a franchisee!
Cooperation: TAC joined the 5,000 yuan (non-refundable) deposit +5000 yuan (Ketui cooperation after the end of the period), the replacement rate of 20 per cent of the month! A certain store and the relevant guidance on the readjustment and renovation! Peihuo directly responsible for the shipment!

Acting Agent details:
1, the contract period: "Acting stores" for the contract period One Year; expiry of the contract, B to be renewed, must be in before the expiry of 60 days to the company.
2, commodity prices: The company requested by the National retail priceretail dealers.
3, shipping: goods from the shipping company distribution center reunification, the new color to each of the two for each unit of the sample, the customer after the receipt of goods based on sample sales of single-or fill out a restocking returned by the Company for single - And assistance to return goods, shipments for the period before the beginning of each quarter, the Spring / Summer for late February, about once every 20 days after the first shipment to the shop are always new goods for customers to choose. Freight shipments of commitment by the dealer.
4, and joined the money: the date of the contract are required to join my company to pay a deposit (to be returned to the expiry of the contract) and join the (joining the non-refundable), to be timely delivery purposes.
5, to support the goods: under way shipping distance, the two sides agreed to exchange goods period, generally 30-60 days (whichever is the date of shipment), the replacement rate of 10 percent to 30 percent, not to inter-season replacement.
6, propaganda support: The company will open a quarterly basis in the quarter-section and publicity posters, quantitative provided free of charge to all franchisees, and if the number exceeded the increase in size, according to the cost price charged. Opening varieties has introduced various promotional offers, discounts measures to ensure that the supply sources
7, auxiliary goods: the franchisees must use the designated by the Company to provide the aids (including handbags, racks, trouser rack, etc.)
8, decoration support: franchised stores and the renovation costs and fees from cargo franchisees to resolve. The company by business area (excluding godown) subsidies decoration costs 80 yuan / sq m, after giving One Year implementation. Note: All decoration unified image of the company subject to inspection before the goods, One Year image of the company after the renovation requirements, may carry out renovation support.
9, staff training to support: the company will store on a regular basis and agency staff free training. Outstanding performance of the agent store manager, manager or staff members will be invited to participate in the company's orders and the company's activities.
10, the company provided free of charge chain operation of the various professional counselling, promotional planning, design and promotional materials advertising design and holidays Diantang move-part of the promotional materials and publicity materials. Acting stores and in accordance with the characteristics of the regional market for targeted marketing activities to enhance the regional affiliate agents competitiveness.

The second agent joined (for Dangkou have the dealer with shops)
Acting joined steps:
1) agents joined the Advisory (0574 83086127 83086128, please call Mr. Yan \ Mr Yu)
2) fill out the application form submitted for approval joined the company (optional directly on the website complete and submit)
3) join negotiations inspection (Dangkou or companies sending people to shop for further details)
4) identify and shop drawings fax
5) joined the contract signed
6) to improve the decoration shop, the shop I placed the reunification of clothing, do a good job in planning publicity.
7) acceptance, the recruitment of staff training (based on the Dangkou with shops)
8) the official carrier of the sale of my company's clothing brand
9) Long-term counselling services (my company to provide customer service and follow-up services and various aspects of the Advisory)

Ningbo Yinzhou joyful International Trading Co., Ltd. - Acting join process